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VARTA batteries provide all the power to take you there.

Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, VARTA batteries offer the power you need.

VARTA batteries provide longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership.

VARTA batteries are the driving force behind fuel-saving innovations like start-stop engines. Manufactured with up to 20 percent fewer emissions, they'll reliably restart your car’s engine again and again, and effectively reduce your fuel consumption.

The VARTA brand has a history going back more than 125 YEARS. VARTA batteries are factory-fitted by major carmakers and trusted by drivers globally.

VARTA batteries are powered by JOHNSON CONTROLS POWER SOLUTIONS, the global leader in lead-acid and advanced batteries for conventional, start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles, and the first company to produce lithium-ion batteries for mass-production hybrid vehicles. Today, millions of people around the world rely on our innovative products.

The makers of VARTA car batteries are determined to create top quality and top performing batteries. In addition, the manufacturers are constantly at work to improve and optimize the performance and strength of their batteries. The makers of VARTA batteries have years of experience and have created the best available car batteries. Their dedication has made VARTA a leading car battery brand that is known around the world for their reliability, power and performance.

Heavy Commercial Batteries

Increasing environmental and safety regulations, more trucks with end-of-frame mounting systems, and more electronic equipment in all applications, will change the market dramatically. Our unrivalled range of VARTA batteries for heavy commercial vehicles is ready to serve the new market requirements.

The Benchmark for All Start-Stop Vehicles

The VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM stands for unparalleled performance: with 3 times the cycle life of conventional batteries, the VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM is the perfect choice for vehicles with the highest energy demands. This can be due to heavier usage, cold winters, hot summers or multiple accessories and equipment. That is why you´ll find a VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM in 80% of newly manufactured cars with start-stop technology powered by AGM batteries.

Best in Class Performance for Highest Power Needs

You´ve got a highly equipped car? The VARTA Silver Dynamic is the perfect choice for non-start-stop technology with the highest power needs. It offers supreme starting power that will meet the toughest energy demands without compromise.

For Superior Power Needs

Entry-level start-stop systems are usually equipped with an EFB (enhanced flooded battery). The VARTA Blue Dynamic EFB fits vehicles with higher than normal energy demands. So, if you´re looking for a battery with extended cycle life compared to a conventional VARTA battery, the VARTA Blue Dynamic EFB is the right choice.

Reliable Performance for Medium Power Needs

The VARTA Blue Dynamic is made for vehicles with average power needs – that means: standard equipment and without start-stop technology. VARTA Blue Dynamic offers extra starting power and provides consistently high performance for longer periods of time. Thanks to the highest European engineering standards you´ll get the best quality.

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