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AMARON EFB Q85 (Hi-Life Duro 90D23L)  

  • Type: JIS , MF (Japanese Industrial Standard, Maintenance Free)
  • Weight: 19.2KG
  • 65AH
  • 600CCA
  • Length: 232MM, Width: 173MM,  Height: 225MM
  • Warranty: 12 Months
Suitable Cars:

  • Mazda with Auto Start-stop (i-Stop) system
  • Toyota Harrier  with Auto Start-stop system
  • Toyota Vellfire with Auto Start-stop system

What is Auto Start-stop?
When we stop the car at a traffic light and set the transmission to neutral, the start-stop system stops the engine to save fuel. Now all of the electrical system are supplied by the battery of the vehicle.

What is EFB Battery?
While conventional batteries reach their limits even in vehicles with automatic start-stop systems, batteries with EFB technology were specially designed for vehicles with entry-level automatic start-stop system. A battery with EFB technology is able to accept the energy which it receives via recuperation with high efficiency.

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